First Mile

Track the status of your job in real time and get the analytics based on it

Last Mile

Measure time spent on each activity or task. Use it to remove bottlenecks in your opeartions.

AWB Tracking

Keep track of your agents and trace their path on map. Use it to optimize on ground operation.

Middle Mile

Set late delivery alerts, inactivity alerts and custom alerts to ensure that the situation is always under control .

Reverse Logistics

Enable your agents to accept payments online or offline and maintain record of all expenses related to every task.


Get daily performance report of the operations directly in your mail box and stay aware of how your business is performing.

Key Responsibility

First Mile

Customer sends a request to pick up the packets through Fleetyx.

Last Mile

When packet is reached to organization , user has recieved an alert message that your packet has been recieved.

Middle Mile

Organization knows where the packet is currently reached.